Design Team Quotation Request

Color separation, screen design processes and image transfer principles became a routine part of business operations within BarLen Crafts for over 2 decades ago. Digitizing and reproducing these custom designed logos and images onto a variety of a materials including beddings, caps, outer wear, inner wear, jackets, and accessories (i.e. handbags and waist pouches), plastic and vinyl signboards is now an intrical part of our core business model. Whether you have a professionally designed image, personally created image or just have a hand drawn sketch of what you think you want your image to be, we have the skills and expertise to reproduce that image onto a variety of surfaces and materials.

Please attach your sample image(s) for processing and describe the usage and size you would like in the final production to get a viable cost estimation. For example "I would like this image embroidered on the left breast of my shirt...", "I would like this image screen printed 10 inches tall on the back of my hooded sweater..." or "I would like this image 3ft. tall on an all-weather vinyl banner...".
The file size should not be more than 5 MegaBytes and should be of type .gif, .jpg, .ai, .bmp, .tiff, .psd, .png or any freehand version only.

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