Barlen logo Established in 1984 by Barney A. Taylor Sr. with the design of his first hand-carved, heart-shaped, woodwork wall clock presented to his wife Lennis Taylor on her birthday, BarLen Crafts created from the union of their names. BarLen Crafts helps the budget conscious entity achieve personal satisfaction and happiness in their activities with distinction through customized designs. Since then BarLen Crafts has successfully repositioned its services to focus on the printing of custom designs onto a wide variety of materials.

BarLen Crafts entered into the custom designed apparels industry with the acquisition of its first 4-color screen print platen carousel in 1990. Color separation, screen design processes and image transfer principles became a routine part of business operations within the company. The company further expanded its market penetration in this industry with the purchase of a 9-color embroidery system and continued its progress into advanced color separation techniques, image digitization processes and 3D image reproduction techniques. Digitizing and reproducing these custom designed logos and images onto a variety of a materials including beddings, caps, outer wear,, jackets, and accessories (i.e. handbags and waist pouches), advanced the overall capabilities of the experienced family unit team which delivers these services to their small, but loyal customer base. Finally, with the addition of a white-ink digital direct-to-garment printing system, Barlen Crafts is able to produce full-color reproductions of any image onto nearly any material with the precise positioning and clarity that has always differentiated this company from its competitors. Barlen Crafts has now purchase OKI C711WT laser printer for applying transfers to garments and other surfaces.